things are changing to the same old…

•August 6, 2011 • 1 Comment

life has been interesting lately. mostly because i can’t decide if i’m happy or unsatisfied, but i guess this happens a lot.

i moved into the broken hearts club, and for maybe another week, i’m staying in mel’s room while she’s still in thailand. then i’ll finally have a room of my own again. strange. but good. i can start settling in so that i can start getting restless. i don’t know what’s going on with me. i can’t ever decide who i want to be.

i wish i had a partner for these adventures. and i wish i could figure out which creative outlet to use right now.

i’m about to start working 6 days a week to catch up financially, which i’m not looking forward to. it always makes me feel like i’m wasting my life when i spend so much of my time fulfilling obligations. but i’ve got $14 in my bank account right now, so… i don’t have a choice, i guess.

on the plus side, there have been a decent amount of sunny days spent at the beach lately. and some friendship developing, and sleeping outside, and reading good books, and dancing, and feeling like i’m on the verge of creating things (not actually acting on it, but surely someday soon). i’ve been trying to play guitar again, and making mix tapes. i guess it’s summer.

i’m destroying my foot, probably. it’s sore a lot again. and i’m not going easy on it. i hope it doesn’t take forever to heal, but it will.

i’ve got a lot more boring things to write about, but i won’t.


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welp, some of you already know, but i’m back in seattle. my foot is finally un-hikeable. it hurts like the dickens, but i’m sure it’ll be fine. i pushed it for a good long while and made it halfway, so i guess it wasn’t a total failure, but it sure is a bummer. i’m certainly not ready to be back here. i love seattle, and all my friends. it’d be great to be back on the trail though.

i’ve been off the trail for a little while now. soon after i got off the trail, i flew over to chicago and hung out with ray, and then came back to sea-town on monday via train. i would’ve posted this news sooner, but i was pretty sad about having to get off the trail and didn’t want to end up having to talk about it. i’m okay with it now, mostly. i’ve got half a plan to finish it next year.

my room is being sub-let still, of course, ‘cos i wasn’t supposed to be back so soon. so i’m staying with michelle on the hill for the next few months. which is good actually, ‘cos most of the places i go are on the hill, and the less walking on my foot i can do, the better. i’ve got crutches that i’m supposed to be using, but i’ve been stubbornly just hobbling around without them. i hate crutches.

anyhow, if you folks want to hang out, i’m around. and if anyone wants to take an ASL course with me starting the 28th of this month, you should let me know, cos that would be wonderful.

also, if anyone wants to move to new orleans in the fall or winter next year… let’s talk about it. :)

all the way to dc.

•May 26, 2011 • 1 Comment

it’s been a while since i last posted, i know. we didn’t end up canoeing to harpers ferry because once we made it to front royal, the weather forecast for the next week was all thunderstorms. oh well.but front royal was nice to take a break in.

we took a side trip to the laray caverns, which was pretty cool. a sign guaranteed us they were the most beautiful caverns in the world. i don’t have anything to compare them to, but they were beautiful.

we took another side trip to DC. strange to go from being surrounded by trees and dirt to almost completely by concrete. cars seem so dangerous in the city. oi. we went to the washington monument and they had taken out the reflecting pool entirely- something about part of it leaking. they were rebuilding it. they should probably go ahead and take down that ridiculous monument while they’re at it.

a lot has happened in the last ten days, but truthfully, i’m just not in a typing mood. maybe i will be soon.

going the right way.

seriously, we had to climb this at 7 in the morn.

laray caverns.

no reflection pool..

waynesboro, va

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welp, i’ve been in waynesboro for a few days, ‘cos of some heel/leg/knee issues. w even hiked out the day before yesterday and i got about 16 miles before getting a ride back from a road crossing back because i couldn’t put any pressure on my heel without it hurting like hell. plus, lizard got sick, so we decided to rest in town a bit longer.

i’ll be in front royal in a couple days. planning on “aqua-blazing” from there up the shenandoah river to harpers ferry, wv (which means i’ll canoe up there instead of hiking on the trail). that’s going to be an awesome 3-day trip..

i should be in harpers ferry on the 21st. so if you were thinking about writing me a letter or anything, you can still send it by the 17th to:

(my name)

General Delivery

Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

also, from the 21st-23rd, i’ll be in DC, if anyone is around there… call me. just a side trip.

love yous.

buena vista, va

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stopped in town for a bit and wanted to try to post some pictures. here they are, in no particular order:

i miss you guys. i’ll be in waynesboro in a few days. i hope someone wrote me a letter. :)

daleville, va

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i need to expand my vocabulary. i can’t count how many times i’ve used the words “beautiful”, “amazing”, “overwhelming”, “awesome”, and “wonderful” since i started this hike. i’ve fallen in love with virginia. i’ve always known virginia was nice, but hiking the trail throught it has pushed me over the edge.

a lot has happened, needless to say, in the last two weeks. the most notable though, was my stay at woodshole hostel. neville and michael own, live at, and run the place, which consists mainly of two log cabins out in the mountains outside of pearisburg. i did a work trade there and let my heel rest, ‘cos it’s been hurting me for a while. i helped build garden beds, roast coffee, build bee boxes, make dinner and breakfast, clean, bake cookies… it was exactly what i needed. we had local organic meals for breakfast and dinner, we meditated in the evenings and i did yoga in the mornings. and neville and michael were so nice. it was hard to leave.

the hiking has been good too. it’s warming up, and it’s only rained a few days the last two weeks. we’re hiking out of daleville today, in 80 degree weather… 719 miles in, 1,460 from katahdin.

as per usual, this computer’s giving me trouble, so only one picture…

wild ponies in the grayson highlands.

well, ’til next town…

 (oh, p.s.- i think it’s pretty disgusting how excited and happy everyone is about bin laden getting killed. he did some awful things, and we’ve done shit just as terrible. i’m not supporting bin laden, but getting THAT excited about ANYONE dying is fucked up, in my opinion. i just have to say. calm down.)

pearisburg, va

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i don’t have a whole lot of time to post, but i wanted to tell you guys that things have been awesome. i’m 616 miles in, slightly more than 1/4 of the way done, and officially in central virginia. staying at the best hostel ever (woodshole hostel, aka heaven).

best part since last post: wild ponies. lots of them.

more later.

also, if you want to send me mail, and you mail it by may 2nd (no later), label it this way:

(my name)

General Delivery

Waynesboro, Va 22980

hold for AT hiker, ETA: 5/11/11

love you guys. send cookies. :)


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